BUILD is a series of 4 international virtual conferences aimed at encouraging pastors and leaders of churches to serve the Lord in the right spirit and in the sound doctrine of Jesus Christ.


BUILD is a series of 4 international, virtual conferences for pastors and servants of God, organised by Church Team Ministries International.
The first two conferences brought together over 25 000 participants from more than 100 different countries. Whether online or at a host church, pastors were able to listen to a clear message urging them to return to the sound doctrine of Jesus Christ in all its purity. The overwhelming response to BUILD 1 and 2 far exceeded the organisers expectations and was without doubt the work of the Holy Spirit. Testimonies from pastors from all corners have been extremely encouraging and have heightened expectations for great miracles from the next 2 conferences. The Spirit of God is at work and all those God has set apart to serve Him have an important role to play in the uncertain times in which we are living.

A return to the sound doctrine of Jesus Christ which the Apostles preached to the early Christians is an absolute priority if we are to see the Church restored and ready for Christ’s return.


Pastor Miki Hardy has been in the ministry for 40 years. He is one of the founders of Church Team Ministries International (CTMI), a Christian organisation based in Mauritius which brings together pastors from different countries united through the message of the cross and the work of God in their lives.

Pastor Miki Hardy often speaks of the preaching of the cross as the message that changed his life. He is convinced there is no other message that can truly unite Christians and bring them to maturity. When he embraced this message together with other pastors and leaders, they experienced miracles within their respective ministries and families. In turn, they witnessed God bringing restoration to His people.

Thanks to this message, many pastors and leaders from different countries and backgrounds have been able to join hands and work together to build the church of Jesus Christ.

BUILD is organised by CTMI, a Christian organisation established in 2001 by a team of leaders from various countries who are united through the message of the cross and subsequent work of God in their lives. The vision is to equip and strengthen leaders and churches in Africa and beyond through the apostolic message of the cross.